Monday, November 8, 2010

new and old

Here is a new picture. Winged House. 48x24

Mary Margaret worked too.
Today in class I worked on this.
Then there was the warehouse...
Assembly Park, Delavan Lake, Wisconsin  early 1970s.
Map of the Professor's childhood summer cottage.

Camp Dan Beard  early 70s
Weekend Boy Scout  camp out site, Thatcher Woods, Chicago, Ill. 
Bacchanal I980s
He began this before he went to Italy and finished it after he came back.
Palm acrylic and glitter 1970s-1980s
There was once a landscape in  Maine.
Landscape with Tree 1960s-1980s
part of a tree series from the late 60's
The Professor will rework.
Recuerdo 1970x
Parts to be used
Skull with Cactus
A keeper
Mermaid and Triton  begun in the 70s and finished in the 80s after the Professor returned from Italy
Valley of Oaxaca, Mexico from The Professor's studio in San Gabriel, Etla, Oaxaca
The Professor loved this place. He went here as often as he was perfect. He made many pictures here. Rex and Lolly Marcum who owned the place loved and took care of many Houston artists. The Professor visited often as he could beginning in 1976 until he went to Italy in 1981. They are both dead.
 He loved them.
Some pictures work others do not.
The Path 1988
This works...and He will keep it, but it is uninspired.

Mermaid/Skull 1970-1980s He is considering doing more to it.

Winged Skull 1970s ???? Keep or not?????  He thinks he can do more to it.
If it was smaller he would leave it but its about 36x36 so more can to be done.
There is not enough time for any of this. New work awaits.
The Professor considers artist's as the true force and is amazed at the power given to those who make NOTHING. The pretense of gallery owners, curators, critiques, consultans, collectors and all those that decree and decide.  Yet the artist's needs them. There are so many of us, they do not need us. Today Picasso Matisse etc could not, too edgy, too demanding. Keep making it, do not stop. Do not be discouraged although it is impossible. BELIEVE!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Professor gets older

Election day. Who knows what the population will decide.
He turned 72. He is now considered old. How did that happen?
He spent the day teaching Byzantine art history...not his favorite period and teaching drawing . He also got to work on this picture. It is 48x60 and has been problematic since it's conception a few weeks ago. It has become something other than how it started.
October 4, 2010

October 6th
November 2   stage 1
November 2  stage 2
November 2 3rd stage
This one strange picture. The Professor will let it rest for a while.