Tuesday, July 26, 2011

In the studio

The Professor is at work in his studio now that school is over. Here is the painting he was working on at the end of the semenster.
Odysseus on the Circe's Island 48x48 07-2011
When he put it together it all worked; he did not need to do anymore. He did not expect that. The two others upon which he is working are fermenting for a while.  Having a full day to work produces much.
Here are a few examples.

4 Islands 24x30 07-2011
Pretty Island with Waterfall 14x12 07-2011
Source  24x18 07-2011
Craving 20x16 07-3011
Yesterday he began a larger picture. Here is a sequence of the first day's work.
Shoreline 24x30  stage 1
Shoreline stage 2
stage 3
stage 4
stage 5
The Professor left it to rest for a few days. Today he took a fragment of a 1976 mermaid painting that he had preserved from a year ago when he had used the other parts and torn it up to rework.
first tear
2nd tear
Now he will work each section separately which will take weeks. He does not intend to devote every day to this.
Recuerdo 48x60 acrylic collage 07-2011
He began this months ago. When he was able to see it from a distance in his new studio, he was able to finish it.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Summer #1 2011

The Professor is teaching painting the first summer session. The session ends this week and he will be in his studio full time.
The Professor is not de-constructing - he is re-constructing. He tore old rejected work into strips and dotted them. Lots of dots while encouraging his class to play. They do so while learning to paint.

Lots of Dots...from 8:30 until 3.
Keeping time to the music.
Then you re-construct and re-work
The Professor uses Gel Medium to attach the pieces to a canvas backing
and then fills in the blanks with more dotted fragments.

Here are two re-constructs placed on top of a painting from a year ago for reviewing. The next step is to make them sing.
Today Bill C. helped him rehang part of the studio.

Outside his studio the Professor has his own gallery wall. They hung this Big Bend picture from his realist years next to a new landscape. He enjoys confusing the viewer.
At the end of the gallery hall they hung the Coliseum in Rome.
Here is how not to move a painting. Since he has down sized autos it is being moved on top of a car. This or rent a van.
He chose a car. This is not a good idea.
An open studio is a good idea. 
The Professor is not only dotting. Mary Margaret gave him some imitation tapestries from  Italy in the 70's to which he adding his own images.
Carnival in Venice
Desirous Objects
Maybe clever, maybe cute...but Sooooo?
Banner #1
After all that dotting it is a release to paint an image.
Succulant #1
Succulant #3
Studio with Painter's Apron #4: The Music Lession
The wall at Mary Margaret's; a work always in progress.
As long as the Professor can work, the rejections mean nothing.
The second part of the summer begins.