Monday, January 16, 2012

A New year

The Professor gives up the pretense of the  third person.
I am Earl Staley and I was born in the suburbs of Chicago...Oak Park like West U. in Houston.
I discovered that there were such people as artists at Illinois Weslyan  University, Bloomington, Illinois and then  I went to University of Arkansas for a MFA.  There I learned to paint what was important to me and then I got a job at Washington University, St. Louis, Mo. and then at Rice University, Houston and then at University of St. Thomas, Houston and then I went to Rome and then New York and then I was hired at  Lonestar College-Tomball, Texas. I love my job.
Writing takes work , I would rather paint.
Here is a painting that is more or less finished. It needs to be turned to the wall for month or more. I call the process fermenting.
The Leap 36x48
I started it 12-28-2011
Stage one 12-28-2011
Stage 2  12-28-2011
Stage 4 12-29-2011
I  am doing lots of watercolors  in preparation for a show and inviting people to my studio to show them what I have been painting. Here are more images from recent months.
Awakening 54x60
Drunkeness of Lott  55x60 12-29-2011
This is a picture called Vortex 36x48
It is about resolving conflicts. I will show you a few stages.
First Stage
5th stage
Vortex  12-27-2011
Painter's Apron #5 36x36 12-2011
Serenade 20x20 collage 12-2011
The Unicorn's Captive 20x20 12-2011
MM found a group of printed tapestries made Italy in the 70's that have  French 18th c. themes and then she obtained a group of printed tapestries with the medieval  Unicorn theme damaged by Hurricane Ike. These I have rethought/re-purposed using erotic pictures that I painted in the past.
The Unicorn was seen as a symbol of the male Libido needing to be tamed by the reversed or 18th French Rococo themes of courtly romance with their underlying male dominant compliance.   
Lots of Watercolors

MM and I went to Terlingua, Texas

We stay here.
up at Mimi's place Casa Milagro, Terlingua, Texas and we sit, write and paint
and talk and look East to see the sunset over the Chisos.
I paint.
MM takes a rest.
MM writes.

I build a fire when the sun disappears.
We went to the Basin, Big Bend N.P.  and fooled around.
MM bought some stone pots in Terlingua.

Sunset....looking East toward the Chisos from Terlingua.