Sunday, June 24, 2012

Dots, strips and a hat

 My paintings are now constructed from dotted strips. I am enchanted with them. Like a lover, I cannot get enough.
I began doing pointillist dots in 1968. They were part of the series of  Tree and Hill paintings: they were my reaction to East/West Coast Cool Art. I cannot remember why.
Trees and hills 48x48 1968
Dots have been part of my work ever since. The dotted strip painting titled "Quilt" from 1973, we uncovered last year re-started the process.
Quilt 1973
I began tearing up old culled pictures, and using them in collages and adding dots.  
History Lesson 60x96 2010
The next body of work was the torn, dotted, and reassembled mythological pictures from the 70’s and the 80’s.
I had them hanging like quilts in the studio. I put them in a frame/support  so they could be easily hung and they became trapped so I painted the frames to free the images.
I began dotting cast off strips. I started at school last fall. I hung them in class as I made them; my students gave them names. I hung them on my studio wall.
Numerous people commented on them. I wondered what to do with them. In March during my show at Thom Andriola's New Arts Gallery, I glued the first strip picture “Spring Strip” 48x36. I thought it was beautiful.

 I did another   called “Tribal Fugue” 60x72. I liked that one too. Doing one that size made it serious. 
I made  ‘Passegiata’ 48x60 or little walk in Italian. I made smaller collages from scraps…called “Scraps”
Scraps #8 24x18
Scraps #6 12x12
Romance 24x24
Russian Fugue 24x30
 MM gave me some old fabrics and I used them in other collages.I think these pictures are very pretty. 
Here is my studio with the new collages and some older work

Here are new pictures in process.
Today I painted a hat for MM to wear at Monet's garden in Giverny during her trip to Paris.

Give me something and I can make it work.