Sunday, March 10, 2013

2013 unedited

Here are some paintings from 2013.
Bouquet 24 36x36 acrylic collage  01-2013

Bouquet 26 20x20 acrylic collage 02-2013

Landscape Fragment   20x16 acrylic collage 02-2013

Island 20x16 acrylic 02-2013

Persia  30x24 acrylic 03-2013

Song of Spring 30x40 acrylic 02-2013

Fertile 54x72 acrylic 02-1013

Pleasant Thing  24x20 acrylic collage 02-2013
Vail 1 24x24 acrylic collage 02-2013
 My salvation and curse is to have differing styles. I will have my second exhibit at Thoms New Gallery  April 5th. He and I will have  difficult decisions regarding what to put in.
I started this 30x40 today.
stage 2 30x40

stage 2
stage 3
stage 4