Tuesday, August 16, 2011

At Vaction end

The Professor has worked on many pictures these 6 weeks. Next week begins the new school year. He finds old work and thanks to viewing it in the new space sees how to revised. Here are some new views.
Messenger and Sign laid out a few weeks ago
He has had a few visits from other artists in adjoining studios and the first thing they say is "nice carpet."
They could saw good wall colors: Never nice Paintings.
Sign early stage
Messenger stage 3
The Force #5 2008
Force 5 08-2011  Hard to see a difference, but there is
Winged House 01-2011- 08-2011
He re-worked this after hanging it in the new studio.
Sign in progress 1976-2011
Messenger and small paintings 08-17-2011
Sign 08-17-2011
My son-in-law installs a fan 08-17-2011
Succulent 4 12x9
A Scenic View 1612
Magic Landscape 14x12
Radiant 7x9