Sunday, May 29, 2011

After 4 weeks

The Professor likes his studio. The space is large, the light perfect and he has been working steadily for a month.
This was on May 8. 
The concrete floors had to be covered with rugs or matts he bought at a Feed Store. They are used in horse stalls. He hurt the ball of his foot the first week and has limped around since. Bone doctor this week to know if he should do something other than inner soles.
Jubilant Reality 24x30. 
The professor started this at school and finished it in the studio.
05-22-2011 work in progress
Here are watercolors that were started in March/April and are now done.
Dreamery 18x24
Island Jam 14x20
Cenote 18x24
Mystery Island 14x20
This is the Third Painter's Apron.
Painter's Apron 3  48x48
Mary Margaret told the Professor that Charles Schoree said that if you combined two images what often happens is a third much more interesting image. He has a number of small paintings from his realist years for which he now finds use. 
Cry Baby 20x10
Growth 24x12
Waiting 24x12
Blast 24x12
Today 05-29-1011
Unexplored Territory 48x31
Painter's Apron 4  48x48
and assorted others

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A Boat Trip down Buffalo Bayou

The Professor saw Houston from Buffalo Bayou with the Greater East End Management District Board.
Houston looks totally different from the water from Allens Landing down to the ship channel at sunset.
A photo essay.

McKee Street Bridge

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Ready to start painting

The Professor's new studio is ready.  It is a work in progress, but he feels comfortable with the space.
The last wall to be hung.
An old Village carving from the Mountains of Oaxaca collected there over 30 years ago.
Collages of culled and torn paintings waiting for work.
A collage called Recuerdo
The work space
Mexican Folk Art and works by Dick Wray, Richard Stout and Harvey Bott and the Professor