Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Professor gets older by a year

Another birthday for the Professor.
In 1981 before the Professor went to Rome he painted this picture. It is called The Awakening.

It has been rolled up for many years. When he painted it he thought he was the new Picasso. His ego was rather large. He knows better now. The picture has been rolled up for years. He has recycled it.
Here it is laid out ready to be reassembled.
Assembled and still a work in progress. Next to it is a 1977 Winged Mermaid still in progress.
Back in the year 1981 he did a painting based loosely on story of the Drunkenness of Lott from Genesis.  
Being a non believer  he enjoyed the inclusion of incest in the Old Testament. Why is it included?
There are many Renaissance paintings of this story.
Here is one by Albrecht Altdofer from the 16th c. Sexy. 
Altdofer is better known for The Battle of Issus.
It's in all the text books.

Here is The Professor's Drunkeness of Lott circa 1981.
Not very good, so it has been recycled.
Dotting the strips
Laid out ready to be assembled and finished.
Here is the original Winged Mermaid from 1977.
and it's reincarnation.
Final stage

Sunday, October 9, 2011

It is  just about mid semester and school progresses as ever.
The Professor went to the first of two International Art Fairs in Houston. It was all nice, clean and proper - saleable. What did he expect? It is a commercial world. Art buyers want acceptable products that do not trouble  them.  He enjoyed the spectacle of the dealers booths filled with short skirted, attractive young women selling in many cases Knock-offs of Knock-offs particularly hard edged stripped pictures or horse statues of the found-material style.  
He did see his friend Forest Moses’ paintings; these he always enjoys, rough and tumble and still sellable…how  is that possible? He admits he is  like a child with his nose pressed against the candy store  window. His work is so unlike what he saw. 
He has a show at The Museum of Southeast Texas in Beaumont,Texas next June and a three person show in Austin at St. Steven's school.  It is a start.
In Houston it  has been raining for over three hours for the first time since we cannot remember.
The Professor is painting in the studio. Here are some new works.
Sign 49x43
Scenic View 16x9 08-2011
Magic Landscape  14x12 08-2011
Unexpected Waterfall 15-9  08-2011
Needles Eye  72x24 09-2011
New Territory 12x16 WC 09-2011
Waterfall 1  12x16 10-2011
Waterfall 2  12x16 10-2011
Waterfall 2  12x16 10-2011
Waterfall 4  12x16 10-2011
studio 10-2011
10-2011 work in progress
studio 10-2011
studio 10-2011
studio 10-2011

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

At Vaction end

The Professor has worked on many pictures these 6 weeks. Next week begins the new school year. He finds old work and thanks to viewing it in the new space sees how to revised. Here are some new views.
Messenger and Sign laid out a few weeks ago
He has had a few visits from other artists in adjoining studios and the first thing they say is "nice carpet."
They could saw good wall colors: Never nice Paintings.
Sign early stage
Messenger stage 3
The Force #5 2008
Force 5 08-2011  Hard to see a difference, but there is
Winged House 01-2011- 08-2011
He re-worked this after hanging it in the new studio.
Sign in progress 1976-2011
Messenger and small paintings 08-17-2011
Sign 08-17-2011
My son-in-law installs a fan 08-17-2011
Succulent 4 12x9
A Scenic View 1612
Magic Landscape 14x12
Radiant 7x9

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

In the studio

The Professor is at work in his studio now that school is over. Here is the painting he was working on at the end of the semenster.
Odysseus on the Circe's Island 48x48 07-2011
When he put it together it all worked; he did not need to do anymore. He did not expect that. The two others upon which he is working are fermenting for a while.  Having a full day to work produces much.
Here are a few examples.

4 Islands 24x30 07-2011
Pretty Island with Waterfall 14x12 07-2011
Source  24x18 07-2011
Craving 20x16 07-3011
Yesterday he began a larger picture. Here is a sequence of the first day's work.
Shoreline 24x30  stage 1
Shoreline stage 2
stage 3
stage 4
stage 5
The Professor left it to rest for a few days. Today he took a fragment of a 1976 mermaid painting that he had preserved from a year ago when he had used the other parts and torn it up to rework.
first tear
2nd tear
Now he will work each section separately which will take weeks. He does not intend to devote every day to this.
Recuerdo 48x60 acrylic collage 07-2011
He began this months ago. When he was able to see it from a distance in his new studio, he was able to finish it.