Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Not drawn to it

It's humid and he likes it.
Birds and frogs and sirens and
air conditioners and thunder
He painted from 9 until 4.
Today acrylic, tomorrow watercolor.
He has the summer for this.
School starts on Monday and he can work on a larger scale.
He is just starting.

He got an announcement from a gallery about a show.
The young proclaim their right to show their work.
He did.
As usual  the artist and work were politically correct
 and derivative,
Once he was just out with a MFA
and hungry to state his stature.
Today they are not Drawn to him.


  1. The Grateful Dead always had a sense of humor. I met them a couple of times in the late sixties, and they were very down-to-earth and not at all into the "rock star" bullshit. In the eighties they had a song called "Old and In the Way". That was what Jerry Garcia's daughter said he was, once in a fit of teenage anger. I regard 99% of the gallery scene as equally adolescent.

  2. Well, art has always been FROM art; and, every discipline has the "push 'em aside" attitude while fundamentals are always derivatively in focus. With Anya Tish, I seem to be the head cheese for promotion BECAUSE of having been around the block. A rare experience for me. But, there really is some wonderful inventively original work being done by a few of these "adolescents." Let us not sound like embittered souls. Besides we're too young to know it all.
    Over the plate,