Sunday, August 15, 2010

His back has stopped hurting

 This is the first day the Professor’s back has not hurt him. Everyday has been painful. Last night he relaxed reading the end of the second *Girl with” series  and watched more of “Mad Men” laying on a heating pad and he got up with little pain. He also did not work in the studio. He stopped doing pain pills which dulled the pain and allowed him to over-work, as if he needed to make some more. He does of course, each day the images/ideas begin. Here are some studio views from the last weeks and some finished paintings. They are changing. His summer recess is almost over and school begins in two weeks. Houston’s temperature in his car on the freeway read 104 .  He thinks he should rant about something, but it doesn’t matter. It is very good to do what he does and to receive confirmation from someone close. He wishes there were others. He paints nothing for sale, but everything he makes is for sale.
This is the breakfast group at 59 Diner: David and Bill and Richard and Harvey.

New paintings:

               Anonymous Delight 20x24 08-2010

                       Doors and Windows 20x24

           The Bottom of the Matter 24x20 08-2010

                       What was Revealed 24x30 08-2010

                        Garden Plots  15x16 08-2010
Meanwhile back in the warehouse...

           Crucifixion with Three Figures 1982 Rome

                 Crucifixion 1982 (destroyed)

Phyllis and Aristotle: The Eclipse 1976

Skull with Cactus 1975

Fall of the Rebel Angels 1986

Triumph of Neptune and Amphridite 1983  Rome

Runners 1987

Odysseus and Polypheuus 1983 Rome

A Few more studio photos. The gentleman is my non-brotherinlaw John.

                                        Big Bend 1975

                       Detail with Self Portrait 


                      Small Picture Interesting Frame

                                     First Stage

                                           Second Stage


  1. Done good/great, Professor.
    You have kept working despite all odds....I have strayed: no painting at all and too much Krav Maga :) I do not know if I´m getting as proficient as painting Mexican mountains but I have felt the need of tons of adrenaline to survive the nasty impositions of circumstances :)

  2. Thanks for sharing these time travel excursions. Sometimes I don't want to look too closely at my past and that is when I destroy things. Every day and every hour another image comes from some place within me. Time is of the essence - to draw, to paint, to sculpt.