Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Back at school

School starts and then stops for Labor Day. The professor went to Seattle to meet Mary Margaret's. family.

Here are photos of his trip to Seattle. First at Discovery Park.

We took a walk on the beach at low tide in the morning.

Driftwood is always cool

The family picnic in Discovery park.

The Professor and Mary Margaret's parents

The Professor plays

Flying kites

The Professor draws.

Jeannie and Dan


Steve and Charlie Bean

The Sky

The Professor

He has been painting.

Figure Study

Te Amo

This is not finished


  1. Wonderful photos; everyone looks very happy. So glad you could come to Seattle. We WILL have a chance to meet; just sorry it didn't happen this time. Looking forward to getting to know you in person!

    Best, kate

  2. Glad you had a good trip in Seattle and I am looking forward to your trip to Portland.

  3. You´re blessed. Enjoy every minute of it because life is short and VERY uncertain and we all need living proof that the path of life can turn around in a very good, rich and nourinshing way when less expected.