Monday, April 18, 2011

A Place of His Own

Downtown out the double doors
This weekend the Professor moved into his new studio at Art Supply. It is huge with kitchen and bathroom and plenty of painting space. He has never had such a place and he is so totally enjoying the experience and in addition the Hickory Street property has finally officially sold. The following pictures tell the story.
Color tests

The real painters Moises and Felipe 

Painting area
North light with clearstory windows
Now the Professor can get to work
Maybe after a nap.


  1. SWEET! Congrats, Professor!!!!! :)
    Moises and Felipe did a great job with the Earlstaley colors :)
    Enjoy, because life is a breath and keeps turning in good stuff for you. That is is not counted in years.
    Best of the very-very best
    MC aka Toughy

  2. Wow. What a great space, Earl. I want to come see it when I'm there.

    See you soon.


  3. VERY pleased for you, Earl. This is loft living!

  4. Enjoy your new studio. Love the colors and the lighting. I suspect great works will come from the professor in his new studio!

    Best to you!