Tuesday, June 7, 2011

What was the Professor thinking?

The Professor submitted three paintings to an open show at the Arts Alliance of Clear Lake. He read about it on line and said why not? It is exposure. The experience was sociologically interesting, not to be repeated. He got them accepted and he took his family there to the opening. He did not win.
The usual art crowd
The winner ...a  nicely done watercolor
The curator of the show did him no favor in placing his paintings: examples of how to destroy an image.
What was she thinking?
Even Tavo wondered.
The Professor's Waterfall next to plastic florals and a red head.
The Professor's family
Chyrissa and the Professor discuss the program.
Maybe he will get into the coming Lawndale show.
Back in the studio new tables add to the ambience. 
In the studio the work goes on undaunted. 
Painter's Apron 4 and a Santa Fe landscape of a few years ago.
In Spain 24x24 acrylic collage
Carnival in Venice 30x24 acrylic collage
Focus 29x20 acrylic collage
Zones 29x20
Blast, Love Story and Waiting 24x12 acrylic collage
A work from long ago by Don Redman called 1917 and the Big Rock Candy Mountain in the corridor
outside the studio.
The Professor cannot explain why, he can only do.
He is back at Lonestar College-Tomball teaching  for the first summer school session. 


  1. A most enjoyable visit with you, your work and your family.

  2. Missing you...The curator felt the same for anything not looking like a photo...with the sensibility of a non artistically inclined garage organizator.