Sunday, February 5, 2012

New Beginnings

I have a  gallery representation: Thom Andriola's New Arts Gallery. I have not had representation here in many years. This is brings me back into the Houston art world. I am promised a show this Spring.  I am very happy. The past 5 years have been ones of change and renewal. My studio gives me the place to capitalize on my new beginning. When I arrive on Thursday evening I immediately feel the pressures from the week fade and I begin where left off. My energy is very high. Here are some new pictures:
The Leap 36x48 01-2012
The Indian leaps with no fear because the Mermaid protects him from Death.

Here are a series revealing the stages of a painting called Passage.
First Stage

Second Stage
Third Stage
Passage 36x48 01-2012

Terlingua Cloud  18x24 01-2012
Here is another large picture. All these pictures are inspired by our Terlingua trip
This is called the Basin 48x60
Stage 1
Stage 2
Stage 3 02-03-2012
I probably will finish it next Friday.
Here is one I just started.
Untitled 48x60 02-04-2012
Untitled 02-05-2012


  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! This was something you wanted so much and you have achieved it. I´m happy for you.

  2. Pretty wild as always Earl! Good work and thanks for the update.