Sunday, March 10, 2013

2013 unedited

Here are some paintings from 2013.
Bouquet 24 36x36 acrylic collage  01-2013

Bouquet 26 20x20 acrylic collage 02-2013

Landscape Fragment   20x16 acrylic collage 02-2013

Island 20x16 acrylic 02-2013

Persia  30x24 acrylic 03-2013

Song of Spring 30x40 acrylic 02-2013

Fertile 54x72 acrylic 02-1013

Pleasant Thing  24x20 acrylic collage 02-2013
Vail 1 24x24 acrylic collage 02-2013
 My salvation and curse is to have differing styles. I will have my second exhibit at Thoms New Gallery  April 5th. He and I will have  difficult decisions regarding what to put in.
I started this 30x40 today.
stage 2 30x40

stage 2
stage 3
stage 4


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  1. Earl, you are a gifted "teacher" as everyone will attest if they didn't know this before this blog. Quite remarkable how you and MM were able to pull this together in a breathtaking experience. Of course Lippo Lippi and Brunelleschi are on my favs list as is the Staley "Song of the Spring. Thank you for this wondrous lesson about Florence, including the socio-political implications that became the driving force of cultural changes. When do you have the test scheduled?