Sunday, September 29, 2013

At The American Academy Rome

I am spending 6 weeks at the American Academy in Rome. Here are some pictures of the Academy.

The Entrance to the Academy

Looking back to the street
There are 4 large studios in the front for Fellows in Sculpture.
This is the cortile with a fountain by Paul Manship.
Around the cortile are fragments of the ancient Roman past found when the Academy was built

Here is a monument for WW I veterans.
In the spring, summer and fall the Fellows eat outside in the cortile.

Good conversations.
Overall the Academy owns 7 acres on Janiculum Hill the highest point overlooking Rome.

My partner Mary Margaret Hansen and I live in the 
 adjacent apartment building.

I have a room in which to paint

We are in the building with the tower.
From our rooms I look up at the studio I occupied in 1981-82

The Academy has an extensive library for research.

The Academy has a photo archive or Archeological sites  in Rome, Italy, the 
Mediterranean and of the history of the Academy. They have photographs of the portraits I painted of the fellows when I was here, but they did not have the artist identified. I am doing that in the photo.
 The Academy also has a teaching collection of antiquities which are available to the fellows.
How good to actually touch the objects and not just see them behind glass.
We can choose to eat with the fellows or cook for ourselves.
Here I am carrying groceries back from the market along the ancient Roman wall which encloses the large garden.
 Rome at dawn from the Academy.
The Dome of St. Peter's at dawn from the Janiculum hill.

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