Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Show

And it came to pass. First there was the school ground breaking with the buffet in the gallery.

A few people came: my students of Painting class and some of my artist friends. I talked briefly about the work.

Gertrude Barnstone came with Richard Stout and Barry Rose. What a treat.

And Margaret Cole co-teacher and painter from Mexico City.

Then we went to Burt Long's opening in The Jung Center.
Here is one of his Full Tilt Rouigh and Tumble paintings.
Then on to Gonzo's Airasol Warfare gallery...also rough and tumble.
and Monday the gallery contained early voting booths, there for a week and a half.

My friend Richard Stout calls such shows Community Service.
The Professor enjoys seeing his work all dressed up together.
He sees how it marks changes in his life. He likes it.


  1. Could they not have placed the voting booths somewhere else? Oh well, reality always seems to raise itself over beauty. What a shame. However, some folks may actually LOOK at the artwork if they have to stand in line to vote. Maybe it was a good idea, after all. :-)

  2. Looks so great! Sorry to have missed the party. Can't wait to see it in person.

  3. Talk about an all purpose Mexico is usually the indoor basketball court, for ball games, school religious services, plays, name it. I would had placed the voting paraphernalia outside the gallery, for the hallway is big enough, but I do not run the circus. Anyway, the Saturday art show was great, a visual treat, the attendancy select, Earl´s shirt a blast and the cheese tasty. DOUBLE :) congratulations, Professor!