Monday, May 3, 2010

Dick Wray Exhibition

Thursday The Professor went to Dick Wray's show at his Houston Gallery. The pictures were all in black and white. Xeroxed copies of his drawings, glued and then enhanced by paint. They are quite exceptional: The Professor believes that art is a form of beautiful agression. These certainly were that.
Rough & Tumble...Full Tilt Boogie-Woogie, if you have ever heard Mead Lux Louis on piano or the late work of Miles Davis you get it.
These definitely do not behave themselves, full of Joy and Sex and Energy.
Here's Dick with his fans talking to Jim Edwards and
with the Professor and Gerutrude Barnstone.
Here are some samples of his work. People should snap them up.

Then The Professor went next door to another show and had one of those OH NO moments. He should have known because he is never shocked at what is put on the walls of a gallery, but after Dick's, these were really a LOW, Fey, Decorative, Cute, Dribble meant only to decorate and blend into decor, EMPTY!!!!!!! He went upstairs and it did not improve in the other galleries.
The Professor does not enjoy going to galleries especially openings except for his friends who he respects. He really dislikes graduate school, art magazine  rehashed  "yes - yes get on with-it", seen it too many times, vapid stuff. He gets invitations via e-mail and wonders what is he missing?
I love this Wray guy. He makes it still possible to believe.
The next night he went to Ms. Pope's new bistro/ice house on Sawyer and Washington in his old neighborhood with his friend for an appetizer and drink (vodka infused with habonero and crushed cucumber)..only one, then to Jones Hall to hear Pink Martini with the Houston Symphony. How good. check them out. Today, Monday The professor had a good painting day.

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  1. The Professor is certainly biased, opinionated and fun to read.
    Had a very good time with three gallery exhibitions, including much of Dick Wray's B & W (my favorite of Dick's explorations,
    excepting/especially, of course the stellar Black on Linen series).