Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Professor gets older by a year

Another birthday for the Professor.
In 1981 before the Professor went to Rome he painted this picture. It is called The Awakening.

It has been rolled up for many years. When he painted it he thought he was the new Picasso. His ego was rather large. He knows better now. The picture has been rolled up for years. He has recycled it.
Here it is laid out ready to be reassembled.
Assembled and still a work in progress. Next to it is a 1977 Winged Mermaid still in progress.
Back in the year 1981 he did a painting based loosely on story of the Drunkenness of Lott from Genesis.  
Being a non believer  he enjoyed the inclusion of incest in the Old Testament. Why is it included?
There are many Renaissance paintings of this story.
Here is one by Albrecht Altdofer from the 16th c. Sexy. 
Altdofer is better known for The Battle of Issus.
It's in all the text books.

Here is The Professor's Drunkeness of Lott circa 1981.
Not very good, so it has been recycled.
Dotting the strips
Laid out ready to be assembled and finished.
Here is the original Winged Mermaid from 1977.
and it's reincarnation.
Final stage