Sunday, October 9, 2011

It is  just about mid semester and school progresses as ever.
The Professor went to the first of two International Art Fairs in Houston. It was all nice, clean and proper - saleable. What did he expect? It is a commercial world. Art buyers want acceptable products that do not trouble  them.  He enjoyed the spectacle of the dealers booths filled with short skirted, attractive young women selling in many cases Knock-offs of Knock-offs particularly hard edged stripped pictures or horse statues of the found-material style.  
He did see his friend Forest Moses’ paintings; these he always enjoys, rough and tumble and still sellable…how  is that possible? He admits he is  like a child with his nose pressed against the candy store  window. His work is so unlike what he saw. 
He has a show at The Museum of Southeast Texas in Beaumont,Texas next June and a three person show in Austin at St. Steven's school.  It is a start.
In Houston it  has been raining for over three hours for the first time since we cannot remember.
The Professor is painting in the studio. Here are some new works.
Sign 49x43
Scenic View 16x9 08-2011
Magic Landscape  14x12 08-2011
Unexpected Waterfall 15-9  08-2011
Needles Eye  72x24 09-2011
New Territory 12x16 WC 09-2011
Waterfall 1  12x16 10-2011
Waterfall 2  12x16 10-2011
Waterfall 2  12x16 10-2011
Waterfall 4  12x16 10-2011
studio 10-2011
10-2011 work in progress
studio 10-2011
studio 10-2011
studio 10-2011

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  1. After many years of classical, pop and slop, an artist that now does the depreciated "hard-edge, stripe" paintings respond to anything herein, expecting .... more commercialism castigation? Sorry to say that a few of these cursed things have sold, to so have offended The Professor.

    As stated much earlier, congratulations, again, on your AMSET solo, June 2012, and the Austin St. Stevens exhibition.

    Still like what you are doing in your studio.