Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Professor's Studio is Gone

Artist's House 11-2004 18x24 acrylic
The Professor relates, "I bought this house in 1977. I transformed it into living and studio space. I loved it and never thought to leave.  We  moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico in 2007 and rented the house and put it up for sale. I stayed on teaching in Tomball TX and rented a room. Commuting. After 4 years and a divorce, the house has been sold or it is going through the selling process...all the papers have been signed and I will hopefully close on March 15th. This marks an ending...and a new beginning. Here are paintings  of the house over the years.

Artist's Backyard 12x16 12-2000 acrylic
Artist's Backyard with Dogs and Train 16x12 01-2001 acrylic
Artist's Backyard from the Deck 16x20 04-2001 acrylic

That's Princess my dead. I built the 2 story deck and opened the back with sliding doors. The studio was upstairs. Deck is still there. The people buying intend to fix it up and live there. That's great. I always thought it would be torn down by developers. I am sad to see the house go. All life is about saying good by and hello to something new. I am now looking for a new studio near Mary Margaret."


  1. Earl, I will remember it well. Artists have always been the vanguard in neighborhoods that have changed, aged, or suffered in some way. Your neighborhood there was just old and "ethnic", as white people say. Mine too, just up the road. I hope you got a fair price for the place. I'm glad the new owners want to live there.

  2. There were some good times there. Great that you made paintings of the house and yard. As Andy has said, the developers follow the artists. Have many personal examples of moving-pain. Hope your new studio meets your desires.