Thursday, August 23, 2012

Released from House

A month after the operation the doctor released me, so I drove to Tomball College for the opening faculty meetings. My hip/leg did not like it. I came home and laid down.
The progress of recovery has been steady. Every day there has been improvement. When I do something different I feel it. The next day the body adjusts and I move on.
The first days I laid in bed with pills and an ice pack and drew in my sketch books.
 I was able to set up a studio on MM's dining room table and start to make watercolors.
On the first day I was only able to work for an hour and a half, the next day longer and so on.

Here are some that I made.
The Pleasure of Freedom 11x15 07-29
The Temple of Love, Versailles 14x19 07-29
I responded to Mary Margaret's Paris trip by using post card images she brought back.
Sky Bridge 14x10 07-31
On August 1st. I started making acrylic collages using her Paris images and my painted strips from the studio.

Ponte Alexander III 11x14

Temple of Love, Versailles 11x14

Notre Dame 18x18
I took pictures of the making of some. Here is The Eiffel Tower.

Eiffel Tower 14x11
Here is another series of Sacre Cour.

Sacre Cour 14x11
After the paris Series I continued with the Scrap Series. Here are a few.
Scraps #10  10x10
Scraps #11 16x16
Scraps #12 12x12
Scraps #13 10x10
Scraps #14 16x20
Scraps #15 10x10
Scraps #16 10x10
Scraps # 19 6x6
Scraps #21 9x12
Scraps #22 9x12
A week ago I went back to my studio. MM dropped me off and picked me up. I did another collage. I used a painting based on a photo I took in on a day trip to the island of Capri. This man was waiting for customers as the boat pulled in. I finally found a place for it.
Capri 24x18
After a month of limited choice of size, I wanted to do something large.
Indian Head Falls 48x60

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