Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A new hip

After two long round trip drives this year which caused me discomfort in my already problematic right hip, I was informed by my physical therapist that I might have a hip problem. She advised me to see a specialist. The diagnosis was confirmed. I began to look for the right doctor. I had a cortisone shot to rid myself of the pain and could have kept doing this every 6 months or so, but the replacement fact remained. I mentioned my problem to my room mate from college knowing he had had the operation. He said only do the Anterior method. He was out of the hospital in one day and never used a walker and has been recovering positively for several months. I went doctor shopping. One doctor said he did not do Anteriors and thought that the old posterior method was the best, that's where they cut through the muscles to replace the hip. This entails months of therapy and down time. He was my age and I am sure he was knowledgeable, but I do not want a doctor my age and  I want the Anterior method where the replacement goes between the muscles. I insisted so so sent me to another in his group that supposedly could do it. This doctor was very young and upon questioning said that he had done maybe 25 and none in Houston. That was unacceptable. I went to another who could do it but was not on my insurance.
At Art Supply store where I maintain my studio I mentioned my problem and Monica M. said go to Dr. Stefan Kreuzer. He is the Man. He is famous for developing the procedure. I had a 6 week envelope in which to recover before school begins. Dr. Kreuzer had an opening on July 18th and so I got medically cleared and had my hip done. I was out of the operation by 8:30 and up walking and into a therapy session by 10:00 am and into another session at 2:00 pm. There are lots of really over weight people having hips and knees replaced. After a night and day at the hospital where you get no rest , but plenty of nice attention, I was sent home to an undisclosed destination for recuperation. I was up from the drugs after the operation and drawing. Now that  that false high is gone I maintain good spirits.
This photo by David Gray shows me hearing the good news from my daughter Chyrissa that she passed her Nurse Practitioner test. I am in very good spirits. The next day was a downer due to the departure of those happy drugs. I went to therapy and walked the hospital floor and drew pictures and listened to Bach and L. Cohen.  Friday I was released. I am doing good with an ice pack on my hip every few hours for swelling; drawing, reading, listening, exercising and walking. First follow-up with the doctor is on Friday. I cannot as yet sit at a table to do water colors. I am taking my time, ready and waiting. 
MM turned me on to the best selling 1957 Payton Place. I only remember it as scandalously sexual. I probably only read those parts. Actually it is a good read putting the times there in depicted under the glass.
It's all good/buono!

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