Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Dear Professor

Commandant Professor
Dear Professor,
The alarm goes off at 7:00am, the student turns and try to reach for the damm machine that it is interrupting her dreams. The alarm stops and the student re-program the alarm for 7:30am. The student wonders "Can I dress and go to my Design class in 30 minutes.....yeah sure zzzzzzzzz.

The alarm goes on for the second time, right at that moment that the student is dreaming with a sunny day at the beach, after all the student is from Brazil. The student looks at the window and sees nothing but a gray sky and a dreadful weather.

The student than makes a very "smart" decision. I will miss Design but I will go to Painting. The student puts the alarm to 10:00am. The student doesn't want to disappoint or be a subject of the professor's blog for missing the class, but it's wet outside and the student wonders if she will freeze......yeah sure zzzzzzzzzz.

The alarm goes on for the third time, this time even her dog approaches her door and wonders when the lazy owner is going to get up. The student feels without any inspiration and thinks that her paintings sucks. After all the professor said once that she was no Picasso. The student doesn't care and thinks that for sure Picasso heard that same sentence from a professor......yeah sure zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

The student loves her professor and wishes him a good day and goes back to sleep zzzzzzzzzzzz

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  1. Mistery solved then, why the faces and their happy creative Brazilian author never appeared on Monday leaving us all in wonder about her. Good story... kind-a-cute yet with a cutting edge :)