Wednesday, March 3, 2010


The professor began his Design class. At this time in the semester everyone has loosened up and have conversations and sort of know what he expects. Those that come and work learn. They actually talk to him. The island picure needs to rest until next week. He has others that are  fermenting. He began on one of them; after 4hr.s he could not stand it. It became more and more naturalistic. It dragged him into  a place that he knew he did not want to go. Like "I do not want to go into THAT bar." He preformed radical surgery and then it was his again and the results are shown here. OMG how did that happen; he is delightfully embarressed. More to do.
The pictures start like this.

To draw is to think.

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  1. That is why so many refuse to draw... thinking is kind of un-comfy.....