Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Process

The  painting is really working. Still Untitled but it is a shelter of some kind. Island, Headland?
It is a sedutive place...maybe the Island of Cerci? He thinks maybe, but according to Homer, She turned men into swine...why were they unclean?  Perhapes what they ate? They taste good.. what's the problem? Religion again. Good in one Bad in another. She must have been potent. Goddess are..they change from one form to another. Poor dumb Paris, What a choice. Ok chose the one with no cloths. GOOD choice fool.
The Professor is thinking of islands with shelter...he has done this before, he returns to old sources . When he sees the painting in a photo problems become aparent. Many years ago when he made BIG sized pictures he looked at them with a reducing glass...much eaisier in this digital age. All in all not a bad day...and he has a week let it rest out of his sight.....Spring Break and the weather warms and the humidity rises sultry seductive. He has his paints with him waiting for the Goddess.

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