Friday, July 16, 2010

A long romance

Self Portrait 1979
Tell us about this painting?
The Professor told the story. "I spent the winter of 1979 at a private guest ranch in San Gabriel, Etla, Oaxaca,Mexico. I went there often in the 70s. It was about 20 miles north of the city perched up in the mountains with a spectacular view across the valley. I painted many pictures there. This painting is of me looking at myself in a mirror with kerosene lights creating shadows. It was in a gallery exhibition in Houston. I never thought it would be sold: it is too large and dark and mysterious and personal.  Mary Margaret saw it at the exhibition and remembered it. A year later she went back and bought it. I knew she was a photographer, but had only known her socially . I had to meet this woman who would buy such a painting. There were  brief and passionate meetings with wonderful conversations.
 My wife and I went to Europe for 4 years. Other shows followed and a year in New York.
 Another brief and passionate encounter occurred. Then 20 years of no contact.
Now we are together.  My paintings continue our story.

Here is wall of new works.



  1. Demostrating that life goes on and on, twisting and turning and never say never..... Beautiful wall. Love the black creature on hot pink background :)

  2. I love how you are free now to express yourself. By the way I have the same chair on picture#1 :) Logan and I miss you.

  3. This entire setting is a Staley/MMH work to remember. The professor does lay it out for all to enjoy, if you will.

  4. Is the one in the lower left another one of those pornographic ones?