Friday, July 30, 2010

A Surprise from the Past

Many pictures have been rolled for 20+ years. The job is to unroll and re-catalog them. This is a BIG job. The storage space is  climate controlled but is very warm and one can only do  maybe 2 hours in the morning. There is no hurry. Most that are uncovered are recognized. This week he discovered pictures that were forgotten and lost . Three I968 pointillist pictures from a minimalist Tree/Landscape series were a real surprise.

The others  from this series  are buried under many other images; they can be known by the canvas size.  The real surprise is an unstretched painting from the 1974-75 Art History series. The Professor had just begun teaching  a survey of Art History class at the University of St. Thomas and did a series of Art history inspired paintings. Some of the series survives in one form or another. This one he called Navajo was a real surprise; it went on MM’s wall that day.

There is new work in the studio.

These have already changed. No work today, breakfast with the group and  busy work in the heat/humidity of Houston. Tomorrow with his daughter Chrissy to pick up Grandson Tavo from a week with his father.
 Here are three others unrolled/revealed from the past: Orestes, The Crossing and Cupid and Psyche.

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  1. Navajo, the first "tree abstract, and the first "new" painting are gems. Really want to see Navajo for real.