Friday, July 23, 2010

Recent Events

The Professor is back at work. Here is his first painting in his borrowed studio.
Seeded Land 18x24
Then he started on another.

In 1972 the Professor was teaching at The University of St Thomas, Houston, Texas.
For an exhibition in the gallery called Camp Out. He made these Fu Dogs which were part of a his Art History Series. They are made out of Cedar logs collected on an Art Department camping trip in Flatonia, Texas. He wrapped them in cotton and held it together with barbed wire, then coated it with coat after coat of acrylic medium then painted then in pink and turquoise and finished them off with Christmas lights.
 Fu Dogs 1972

They languished in storage until he dragged them out and restored them hoping to exhibit them. Alas no. So they were abandoned until he thought maybe they could spend their last day gently decaying in MM's garden. Here they are, without the lights.
When he brought his collected work from Santa Fe he was fortunate to find storage in a climate controlled empty office building. His work has never been in a controlled atmosphere. Now he is opening rolls of rolled canvases. Most have not been touched for 20 years. The process is to open a roll, photo the contents and re roll around a cardboard tube. Some do not stand-up and will be culled.

 The Bridge 1975  5' x 12'

Expulsion 1987

The Crossing 1986 
Orestes 1986

Europa Series 1981
And then a few Culls

The end of the road for these.
Many more to go.


  1. Way cool, Earl. Hurts to see your work tossed aside, though.

  2. Earl:
    You are an impressively productive artist, bearing in mind, it was your mythology work that first grabbed me;
    but, this new work is very inspiring. Might have to borrow some of your ideas. Thanx for sharing.

  3. So art follows life....we build, we love, we fight and -in time- we come to realize that leaving a trail where there was none is all our inheritance. Checking the ego at the door... and making us the favor of not picking it back, for all done must be with our full heart but ready to return to the dust.