Tuesday, October 12, 2010

1974 was an interesting year

Self Portrait 1974
                                                         Singing Skulls 48x108 acrylic on canvas

Landscape with Skull 72x144 acrylic and glitter and dirt
collection of MFAH  This picture was in the Whitney Biannual 1974

The Professor made a lot of ceramics. This was his cactus garden behind his studio on Peveto Street
He had a good time doing them, but they have all self distructed. He liked cactus and skulls.

The Professor hopes to find this one in the archives. He does not remember the title. It has something to do with challenges and over coming difficulties. Charging into the future. ..Going to Big Bend and working it out. It's 60x144.  He did lots of large pictures. He would fill the 4 walls in the studio with 6 x 12 footers and paint them and then stretch new ones do it again. He had lots of energy. He would teach in the day at the University of St. Thomas and paint until 2 am, sleep and then go back and teach and so on..
The End 36x48 acrylic
 He found this rolled in the archive.

He had a show at the Texas Gallery when it was still on Bissonett.
He was the only Texas artist in the Texas Gallery. Three of the pictures he still has.
The big one on the right is the first large picture he painted. It is titled Caring for Oneself is Finding the Way.
The Indian in the center has been reworked a number of times and has been posted earlier. Caring is still to be uncovered in the archives.

Love Stories and other perversions 72x144
He sold this to a doctor . His twin daughters were his students at St Thomas. At their encourgement he came to the studio and saw it on the wall and bought it for $1200. Now it  is for sale at Sandy Parkerson's Gallery in Houston.


  1. What a nice post. Good to see the beginnings.

  2. I was there. Nice work, Earl.

    Andy, UST class of '74