Sunday, October 10, 2010

He paints because that's what he does

Someone at school told The Professor that he had a self portrait in a show at the Museum of Fine Arts Houston. Sure enough there it was; a watercolor from 1973 of himself holding a cactus. He does not remember it, but the date and image coincide....lots of psychological angst. A wonderful patron of the
arts donated it to the museum: Eleanor Freed.

The Professor met the Doctors Frank and Dale Hill at a poetry reading by Michael Berryhill. Frank bought the first painting The Professor ever sold. He went over to their house and photographed it.
Landscape 54x52 1967 oil on canvas
This probably one of two oil paintings still existent. The rest have fallen prey to the elements. They were kept in his garage and subjected to humidity and temperature changes. He notes that the images and
stylistic manners  are still part of his work. It is circular, he cannot escape himself.
Here is one just finished and  not yet titled.
Untitled 48x60 10-09-2010 acrylic on canvas
Here is another 48x60 that he is doing. Stage 1 0ctober 4th

October 6 stage 2
It has become something else. It is called The Rockery.This had a mind of it's own and refused the first direction.The Professor believes it did not want to look like its predecessor.

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  1. Love the tree with white "clouds" ? at the right side :)