Thursday, October 21, 2010

Extra Credit

The Professor gives his Art History class a chance to bring their test grade up from a F to a D, or a D to a C etc. Here is the question.
Extra Credit
Due the next class
Completely and correctly written this will raise your Greek Test by one grade.
One of the architects of the Parthenon is responsible for another famous building
that is still in existence.
Who is this architect?
What is the building?
Where is it?
What was its purpose?
What major architectural innovations are found in this building?
Be Complete in your answer

 10 Tried and 2 were correct.


  1. I wanted to take art history, but it's my last semester at LoneStar and I couldn't get into an on-campus version with my schedule, so I am taking it online. Thankfully, the teacher is great and interacts a lot more than many online teachers. However, we have an online "discussion" in which we are supposed to answer a question and reply to another student. I think there are maybe two other students who can make it through a sentence without some glaring grammatical mistake, and few who appear to have understood the material. I'm not sure what it is about the Art History course that attracts these kinds of students...I guess they think it's a "blow off" course. I barely have the patience to form a kind reply to posts, so I commend you on your patience to teach the class!

  2. Today I hauled rocks at HCCS and North Harris...must be the Moon.