Thursday, July 12, 2012


25 years ago I was at The American Academy in Rome. 10 of us took a trip to Tunisia to visit the Roman ruins. It was in March so there were no other tourists. We rented two cars and saw lots of marvels. I took a photo of a stormy sky at sunset at the ruins of Dougga. In 2000 I was doing realism and using old photos. It was an artistic endeavor with hopes of a commercial reward. I had in mind an
Edward Hopper abstract realism. That I did achieve to my satisfaction; the commercial reward never materialized. Here is the original painting.
Dougga 30x40 acrylic 2000
Those 15 years of realist paintings I left behind.The above somehow ended up in Houston. I thought it was a valiant try but ultimately so what? Who wants a large painting of a Roman ruin? In the 18th and 19th century there was an interest, not today. I did a smaller version 20x24 for Suzanne, so the image still exists. I used the old picture as a under painting for this new Dougga.
Dougga early stage
final stage
I began "The Contortionist" in 1982, at the American Academy in Rome after trying a yoga class. 25 years later I started doing yoga and took to it, but  had to give it up in January because of my hip. I reworked the painting in 1987 at the end of my Bad Painting period.
Contortionist 60x60 1987
We discovered it rolled up. I torn it into strips and dotted them and re-mounted and re-stretched the image and now will to go back into it, probably not a good commercial choice, but it makes a statement about my condition.
Contortionist 48x48 first stage
Another image from the past: The Artist's Backyard #6 36x48 2001
Same realist period and the same what? Green has always been a problematic color, so I tackled it head on. It does not bother me any more.
The Artist's backyard #6  36x48 acrylic/collage 2001-2012
 Here are some of my new collages using old photos provided by MM. These are fun and addictive .
Aruba #1 18x18
Aruba #2 18x18
Aruba #3 18x18

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