Sunday, July 1, 2012

Process of Play

Here are images of what I played with today.
I had a nice day.
Thom Asked if I had any tall and narrow paintings. I said, "no, but I will. What size?"
He replied "60 x 10 collectors often have a space between windows for such a size." I stretched 2 such canvases and played.
Marrakech  60x10 acrylic collage 07-01-2012
Some new strips
The two strips on the left measured 60x10 also and looked very good.
Canyon  60x10 
This was  a surprise. The strips are not pasted yet. I use acrylic gel.
Here is the play/process for a 18x18 collage using an old photo of MM in Aruba.
Aruba #1 first stage
Aruba #1 second stage
Aruba #1 third stage
Aruba #1 fourth stage
Aruba #1 18x18 acrylic collage 07-01-2012 final stage
I started another: Aruba #2 18x18
Aruba #2 second stage. I stopped here today
Studio today July 1st 2012
I started this painting called Sirena at school. I think I finished it today,  but it needs to ferment for a while.
Sirena  24x30 acrylic 07-01-2012
This was a busy creative day. MM is in Paris and I must keep my hands busy. "Idle hands are the devil's workshop."

1 comment:

  1. The color muting and space/form transitions, with your pointillist work, as in "Sirene," is most effective. This is a gem.

    Love the new narrow paintings. THom will do wonders with these.

    "Aruba #1" between stages 2 & 3 has an enticing perspective with landscape & suggested interior, lush florals, the figurative innuendo grace and all wrapped in pointillist stripe abstraction is a winner in every way. What more could anyone ask? Bravo!