Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Another Good Day

It was areally cold night in the normally warm Houston. It was snowing when he got home at 8 PM after breifly teaching an Art Appreciation class to a surprising 15 students. "Why did they come on such a night? " He believes that they must enjoy the entertainment.  This kind of weather shuts Houston down. There they were so he gave them their share of what they were there for...a 10 question  multiple choice scan-tron test then he told them to "Go home.It's cold and wet out...GO"
Today the Professor got up to ice on his windshield and waited for the wipers and the defroster to do what they do. The design class was about half there, not bad, and the day began. Cut&Paste, Colored paper, primary&secondary colors Face as a design...pratice learn you must repeat the basics. The thing is to get students to carry these ideas into more advanced classes. Some do, some don't. The responsibility is to expose, encourge, and entertain.
Painting class arrived and the Professor settled in  to paint. "There are two things I love: To paint and teach. maybe one more.... never mind"
He has new cds of  the after WW2..Norman Ganze's Jazz at the Philharmonic the original recordings 1944-1949. Early Dizzy, Bird, Powell, Roach, Jacquet. He went to these concerts/jam sessions in the 50s at the Chicago Opera House with his first love  This the music he remembers. good feeling music, after the war music. Good painting music.His picture developes to the bop bop doo de bop bop. See below
 Stage 4
This is the picture in his studio class room; the grouping work is interesting, so much for the lonely artist in his garret. 

                                                              Stage 5
At 3 PM this is what how it ended. Time to leave it to ferment.

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  1. Homage a Böcklin, only that this is the Island of the LIVING, not the Island of the Dead. Rocks livin´ AND kickin´:)