Monday, February 22, 2010

A new Picture

When the Professor arrived for classes Monday  there was a group of his Design students outside the classroom door...that was good. He  checked on their progress and presented a new problem. The Professor  began a new picture in the adjoining classroom.. As always he works in class, he does not have a separate studio. It is a large picture for him, 36" x 48". By contemporary standards this is not  but he does not think size is important anymore. He did many large pictures years ago only to have them sit in storage. He has seen too many pictures that depend on largeness for importance; think  them  16" x 20" and they become trivial.   This size is good. He begins with lines and shapes and what ever is brewing within him . They watched him and added comments; he enjoys this.
It started as a mountain landscape and ended as an island or a  land's end or maybe a land's beginning. This is the beginning. Wednesday he will rethink and revise. He thinks by drawing and painting. It is a good dialogue.

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