Friday, February 12, 2010

Bruegal's Peasant Dance: A Renaissance Rave

"Why are your showing us this?" they said.
"It's one of my favorite paintings.  Mr. Peter Bruegal is perhaps the first painter to portray peasant life, the previously unobserved classes." 
"It's a coarse subject for the 16th century, but classically composed," he continued. "Perfectly balanced. I am crazy about the positive/negative shapes right in the center".
"It's a painting about the joyous rhythm of life.  Think Willie Nelson and the Texas two step. The musicians are playing,  the townspeople enter into the dance released from their daily chores, large and full. There is food and drink.  Throughout there is a sexual intensity, see the woman drawing the man into the house with the red banner and the kissing couple." 
"It is elegantly inelegant," he finished.

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