Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A Day in Class

The Professor started his Design class at 8 AM. There were three students out of the 20 enrolled.
They were all there the first day of class a 2 months ago. After that a few are always there and he now knows who will arrive 15 minutes late and who will arrive 45 minutes late and who may or may not arrive and he knows who will leave after an hour because it is a 8 AM class and they are just not prepared to work that early.
He thought he going to present a new problem, but those who were there had not finished the previous problem. He explained that problem again because they did not understand it or were not in attendance. A few more drifted in, some without the correct material (colored pencils) and they did not know what was going on since they were not at the previous class. That class was on Presidents day which was not a school holiday, but their excuse is that they thought it was.
Like the blind leading the blind they attempt to explain the problem to the arrivals.
The Professor again explained the problem which was about color: primary and secondary colors and complementary colors and warm and cool colors and the use of color triads in a design. Examples were shown using a Power Point Presentation. It is now 9 AM and there are 12 students in class. He explained again. "Any questions?" "No."
The problem is to make 3 designs on three sheets of paper, the subjects, one to a page, are sun, moon, and star. The subjects to be embedded or disguised within the design. It is a Design class and the Design is the imporant thing.
Each design to use a different color triad consisting of a pair of complementaery colors plus one more color of their choice, black and or white can also be used. They begin and he expains the problem again to his students as he walks the room. All is now well.

Here are two paintings. The Professor was teaching at Rice University in 1969 when he painted the one on the top titled The Queen  of Sheba  in a pointalist manner. It has perished; he remembers not when or how. The other was done in 2009 titled The Place You Lost again using pointalism. The circle continues.

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  1. Art Professors at Community College have a desertion rate as if we were dealing with a SOF class ..... just because it is something new, mildly challenging and completely out of the academic comfy zone. But despondent students have not realized that if we can survive bureaucracy, disappointments and challenges we are a tough breed.